In terms of how they compare to Soft-Lite, I would definitely give the nod to Soft-Lite over CWS. CWS 610 Series: $750 a window The Simonton has the best warranty but Im more concerned about the quality of the product and appearance and not the warranty (since all three have a good warranty). Tim - Site Editor - from 2019, The CWS 8100 is a single hung vinyl impact window, which seems to offer good quality and value. Cherry or white cabinets in updated kitchen? The small business I like very much has a 4 month delay on PGT so quoted me on Cws. The 8100, 8200 and 8400 (available series or model numbers) can be ordered in a standard white, adobe or boronze, as well as an upgraded veneer color options that include natural cherry, anodized, golden oak, bronze, black cherry and medium maple. What style shutter with my Tudor Revival? PGT 5500 new winguard vinyl series which are triple pane, laminated, and insulated with lowE coating. The CWS windows were nice but averaged $1250.00 per window. As a complete novice, I have no idea whether this price is too high. I had definitely heard good things about PGT, but I've never heard of CWS and was curious what their deal is and whether the prices seem in line. . Other storm windows and doors include the Sunrise Coastal series, Soft-Lite Barcelona Impact Series, Soft-Lite Armor Impact Series, and the Stanek UltraExtreme series. I appreciate the posters who shared their experience. The glass area difference will be slight, but that can make a difference in how much light comes through. Which window is best and why? If so, that price isn't too bad, but it doesn't strike me as super competitive, at least at first glance. Damien - Homeowner - from 2016, Damien, 11 quotes, wow, I am impressed you had the fortitude to sit through all of that. CGI Windows and Doors 3. Simonton: StormBreaker Plus. All four of the companies I mentioned make a good premium vinyl window. Curious about your final installation experience Nicole and Janice? I would see which of their windows you like the look of and then I would use the lower bids to see how low you can get the CWS or PGT dealer to go. 13 3 Simonton 6100 Picture Window (Coastal) Tim - Site Editor - from 2019, Hi Tim, I live in Sarasota FL and am looking to replace all 12 windows in my house. I'll let you all know how it goes! " Have narrowed my search down to PGT Winguard Aluminum windows and now trying to decide between single hung and casement windows.Majority of windows are 36x72. Give them a call and see if they have an answer for you. Both PGT windows from PGT Industries and EAS from Eastern architectural Systems build windows that meet the toughest Florida Building Code (FBC) Large Missile Impact testing. We had a great experience. Tim - Site Editor - from 2020, Dane, Tim, Good afternoon. PGT doors add convenience and style to any room. Windstorm Inspection Program TDI Product Evaluation Index Product Evaluation - Vinyl Fixed Windows Windstorm Inspections Appointed Engineers Building Code Building Products Catastrophe Zone Map Certificate of Compliance (WPI-8) Search Contacts Education FAIR resources Field Offices Forms Product Evaluations Subscriptions Testing Facilities TWIA The CWS Windpact Plus is a strong impact window and one that I would thoroughly consider for my own home (if I needed an impact window and door). Advise: Be the squaky wheelbut a nice squeaky wheel. They are doing. Seconding Wow. They came back out to adjust a window that wasn't closing properly after the installation, and have been following up with Simeonton on the one window that arrived cracked and had to be replaced before they can install it. PGT Windows have a great reputation in the window installation/manufacturer business. Dane - Site Editor - from 2018, Hi, we recently got bids for CWS and PGT for three sets of Hurricane Non-Impact windows. Use the HD bid as leverage, say something like, I have a bid on Simonton (leave out that it's from HD) that is $8500 and I know you can't match it, but I need you to work with me on the price because I really want to go with you. Single and Double-Hung impact windows are some of the most popular choices on the market. The estimate I received was $19,500. This article is here. (impact exterior). That doesn't mean that you can't try and shave off some of the cost of the PGT bid though. Okna, Sunrise, Soft-Lite and Wallside. I know NOTHING about CWS, so I am skeptical! I think PGT has a bit better brand recognition, but I wouldn't say their windows are any better. Elaine - Homeowner - from 2021, Im replacing a large slider door in Destin Florida. This is through CWS. Then with some slight trickery of the pen the quote was changed to $19,936, which is still too much for my budget. PGT 5500 series white vinyl insulated impact Windows , clear Low-exl 70 insulated impact glass w/ colonial grids. Tim - Site Editor, -- Estimated CWS Windpact Costs: $700 to $1,000 installed -- CWS Windows Prices PGT aspires to develop innovative flexible solutions for. local companies. The look of the house is craftsman. You enjoy uncompromised quality from the newest advances in technology and engineering. I am SO GLAD I got all those quotes) I narrowed it down to 2. A Marvin dealer tomorrow (because I Matt Risinger), and I'd prefer an aluminum framed window if it's not out of reach based on our southern exposure vinyl experience. Everyone knows PGT. Atrium Windows and Doors. So far have only spoken to Carrollwood Doors and Windows. (I would love to go with your company, but you are more expensive than the CWS -- if you could match them, I would sign with you, etc.) We had another local company gives us a price for CW windows equal to PGT and quote came in about the same price as the 14K. Is the price reasonable? I would say you need two or three more bids to round out the estimates. I believe that Ive negotiated the best possible price and wanted your opinion. HD came back with a revised quote of $8436.95 after I told them I would only do the same 11 windows FHIA quoted me for. WinGuard Vinyl, CA 5540, PW 5520, and SGD 5570, EnergyVue, CA 5440, PW 5420, and SGD 5470, 2023 PGT Innovations, All Rights Reserved. Thank you. PGT: WinGuard Hurricane Windows & Doors. They are particularly known for their "hurricane" windows or impact windows for coastal homes. These would all be considered high quality impact window options. Your prompt response will be helpful because I only have 3 days to break the contract. I actually like these single hung windows and think they offer some decent performance for the price. There are only two manufacturers that have decent designs and color choices, Custom Window Systems and PGT windows. Perhaps Lowes' or Home Depot? Tim - Site Editor - from 2016, I have been researching hurricane impact windows and have become thoroughly confused. PGT has no regard for small customers. One is using the ESW Elite and the other CWS Windpact Plus (assuming this is also the glass they use in aluminum windows and doors, they have not clarified). This also gives you a great way to work the prices on both down by playing them off against one another. Thank You. Is it possible that a slider should be so difficult to open just due to its weight? Please let me know your thoughts. The CWS is an Argon filled window, but the ESW Elite is not. Take a look at our recommended brands and do a simple google search to see what is available in your area. I know you had mentioned avoiding the entry-level lines of companies, so I just want to be sure. 2 - 36 x 62 It sounds like the opening is probably not standard so this is probably the reason (one of them certainly) for the high cost. However, they are tremendously difficult to open and close, requiring two hands to pull on the handle. Use that first bid as leverage to see how low that PGT dealer/company is willing to go for your business. CWS is a MUCH smaller operation -- Simonton is the largest manufacturer in the business. pool brush pole their lonely betters ap lit multiple choice answers wa dol license status. Braden - Homeowners - from 2012, The CWS and PGT bids you got don't seem out of line in terms of price, the Gorell price bid is ridiculous - do not go with that ridiculous bid regardless of what they say. Established in 1980 and headquartered in Nokomis, Florida, PGT Custom Windows + Doors is a manufacturer and distributor of building materials. I don't think I mentioned, they are the 8000 series storm-force Impact windows. Their Armor or Barcelona series are going to be preferable the Durashield. In terms of the windows they sell, I couldn't say because it looks like they probably resell windows instead of manufacture them themselves (which isn't necessarily a bad thing). I took a look at the PGT website and found that they offer the PGT single hung 5400 series and the double hung 5460 in a bronze finish. Installer is the same person. The company that bid it out had two options, either the WinGuard from PGT or the Wind Pact Plus from Custom Window Systems. 33301 Contact Number 954-256-1055 The Window World of Savannah had excellent reviews from every site that I have checked including BBB. We manufacture Earthwise windows & doors- the only vinyl impact windows & doors manufactured in FL backed by the Good Housekeeping Seal. Tim - Site Editor - from 2018, Dane, I live in an association that requires replacement windows be the same color as the original single pane bronze aluminum. In aluminum, they dont make what I prefer. Impact windows protect people, furnishings, and floors from harmful UV rays. I originally thought the contractors workers damaged these windows on install because I couldn't believe that many windows would fail (my mom has these same windows and hasn't had one failure) but now that the replacements that were installed by the window dealer are failing I'm starting to think these windows are junk. I would recommend a few more bids to see how these compare. Patti - Homeowner - from 2018, I have a fairly complicated set of windows and installation, 18 windows in all. Also Marvin does not make an aluminum framed window. What style shutter with my Tudor Revival? Forgive me for the question, but what does that have to do with PGT in this case? We need 15 windows in all -- a combination of picture, casement and double hung windows. Dane - Site Editor - from 2022, I just got done with a 5-hour spiel from a sales rep for FHIA (Florida Home Improvement Associates, Inc.) who made a big to-do about their being the home improvement contractor of choice for Sam's Club and BJ's. Have looked at PGT and CWS but don't seem to come across much info on Pella or Viwinco? Dane - Site Editor - from 2019, Hi Tim! "Need personal recommendations for a business that sells & installs PGT hurricane impact home windows.". The Windpact series is built for coastal applications on the East Coast as the company is headquartered in Ocala Florida. Dane - Site Editor - from 2016, We have 2 quotes for 14 windows. I am looking at quotes for PGT and CWS. I would prefer you go with the Windpact series from CWS. Dane - Site Editor - from 2018, Hi Dane, my husband and I are contemplating adding a Florida room to our home. One story with 19 single hung windows, two upper moon shaped skylight windows (one over double front door entry and the other over the 3 panel sliding glass doors in livingroom) and two sliding glass doors (a double sliding glass door and oversized 3 panel sliding glass door) & a custom size cabana door with glass insert. The majority of the windows are 32 by 70. I noticed that many people had asked about those windows in 2016 and was wondering if you have any better feel for the product? Custom Window Systems Wind-Pact Plus vs PGT. My valence and returns do not meet. Likewise the Simonton Storm Breaker Plus is a solid impact window/door as well. Frank - Homeowner - from 2021, Frank, while I know that the CWS 8100 vinyl impact window is good, I'm not sure how much better it is than the 6100 Coastal series. Im looking at Home Depot who quotes PGT made exclusively for them and 8 week delivery and install. I received a quote for impact resistant windows from a company in southwest florida that installs both Custom Window Systems Wind-Pact Plus (CWS) as well as PGT windows. Unfortunately Fla. and impact product in general is not well represented by window pros here on the forum. The other affordable hurricane window that is available throughout Florida is the StormBreaker Plus from Simonton, if you google "StormBreaker Plus Jacksonville Florida", or whatever city you live in, you should be able to quickly and easily find a contractor who carries this brand. They have a very cool latch and auto lock feature that is quite nice. Well made and constructed. I read on the website that Jeld Wen windows are not the best vinyl windows. Recently, the brown vinyl stripper started to warp. The price quote from Home Depot seems high, $1175 per window, I think you can do better than that, although I don't have any project specifics to back that up. (assumes medium sized window and normal installation), I am replacing my windows in St Petersburg, FL (central, coastal Florida). PGT BUT from a window dealer not a box store. LoE 452, LoE 340, LoE 366 when you have a view, Back of Home Remodel: Patio and Window Design. Hi - Looking to build a new home down in Florida on the waterfront. Re manufacturers, Simonton has a double lifetime warranty. The Windpact also comes in a number of vinyl door options. If your In Central Florida Orlando & Tampa Offices. FAS Windows & Doors!!! I'd get a couple more bids to compare it to -- an impact window from PGT, Sunrise, Soft-Lite and Simonton if you can. I would say local companies that carry PGT, Sunrise, Okna, Soft-Lite, Zen, Polaris, Vytec, and Simonton would all be good brands to pursue. We had 21 CWS 8100 Series windows installed in 2018. While the one from Weather Tite for PGT is 1$2,800. Off hand, I dont know which companies in Florida offer an exterior bronze vinyl window. It has been a very time consuming and frustrating process. PS: thank you all for sharing your stories, I'll be replacing 28yr old windows this year and my research brought me here. $11,268.00 CWS 610/615 We are being told the PGT window is a better window, that the vinyl will not discolor and that the slider and locking mechanism are better quality. PGT WinGuard Vinyl windows and doors are designed to meet or exceed the International Building Code for: Air infiltration Water resistance Deglazing Forced-entry resistance Structural integrity Small and large missile impact protection Residential intruder protection WinGuard Vinyl 5500 Series Architectural AR5520 Two quotes so far: Karlovy, who or neighbors used and liked, but we have a few Simeonton windows and the vinyl frames in the south windows are chalky (it's only been 5 years since install--non south facing windows are fine). Get insights into the competitive rankings of Custom Window Systems CEO Rating, Culture Score, and other rankings soon. I've spent a lot of time doing research and calling the various companies to get quotes. Personally I would recommend PGT especially if you can buy them from a diamond dealer that can provide you the crystal care warranty. Set Your Home Apart with Creatively Placed Picture Windows, Aluminum Vs. Vinyl: 7 Key Things To Look For When Choosing a Window Frame. Kennedy Skylights 6. Founded in 1980, the Company employs approximately 1,700 at its manufacturing, glass laminating and tempering plants in North Venice, Florida. Custom Windows Systems has manufactured high quality windows and doors since 1986. I get that the 5500 series is a coastal impact window. This hurricane window can be ordered in a number of configurations, including a single hung, casement, horizontal slider and picture window. To be honest, I didn't even know they offered a Coastal version of the 6000 series. I understand that WindPact Plus is intended for the High Velocity Hurricane Zone and StrongStorm is for all other areas. 2 Simonton 6100 Eyebrow W/Legs I have spent a lot of time calling around and havent been able to get quotes for Soft-Lite. Thanks for your time and efforts. Entire home needs new windows. Andersen Windows & Doors. Also, I'm not a big fan of using PVC windows in the south. The CWS salesperson carries PGT and claims that PGT line is 8-10% more than the CWS line. I think the Simonton VantagePointe window is pretty good, but I would see how much you can get the CWS dealer to come down on his price and see if you can't get it to closer to 10K. HU-3978, I just got quotes on windows from Paradise, Window Wall and PGT from Home Depot. Thank you!! Does anyone have an idea about the price difference between PGT Winguard Aluminum windows and Marvin or Anderson impact windows? When there is a spread like that, something is usually incorrect or behind the scenes wrong. By the way, we live in PA . (assumes medium sized window and normal installation), Hello, we met with an installer and they offered us the CWS 8200 series impact winodws. From FHIA Why vinyl over aluminum? Linda - Homeowner - from 2020, Linda, the pricing sounds good; about what I'd expect to hear for a project of this size. 3 - 36 x 60 Picture If it were me, I'd get a few more bids to see what else is out there. Dane - Site Editor - from 2020, I'm in South Florida and need hurricane impact windows. Then I think you go with CWS, otherwise the VantagePointe is probably the better value. Any other better options out there using the Ygreene program? Window Pricing: PGT Windows prices vary according to style of window and the size of window selected. )3) 23 x 70 casement type (assumes medium sized window and normal installation) *, I live in the Orlando area I have narrowed my search to the final three. Custom Window Systems Wind-Pact Plus vs PGT #1 by FLhomeowner Tue Feb 24, 2009 2:19 am I received a quote for impact resistant windows from a company in southwest florida that installs both Custom Window Systems Wind-Pact Plus (CWS) as well as PGT windows. Frank - Homeowner - from 2021, We received a bid for 7 CWS 8100 series and 2 8200 series. (assumes medium sized window and normal installation), I live in Orlando, Florida and have negotiated what seems like the best possible price. CWS Aria 610 Series Windows and 8800 Series Doors: $24k Meredith - Homeowner - from 2018, -- Estimated CWS 8000 Costs: $600 to $750 installed -- Susan - Homeowner - from 2018, Susan, this sounds like a first bid but not their final price. Post Tim - Site Editor - from 2018, -- Estimated CWS 600 Costs: $650 to $800 installed -- One company claims that the CWS Aria series windows are not good and don't compare to Soft-Lite Durashield. Stephanie - Homeowner - from 2022, Stephanie, that is disturbing. Dane - Site Editor - from 2015, We live in the southwest section of Florida and recently received a bid for hurricane windows on our home - 10 windows in all. I know that the Softlite are among the best vinyl windows. What else can you do, really? Dane - Site Editor - from 2018, Hi Dane, I live in Clearwater Florida and would appreciate your advice on my 2 final choices/quotes. $125 more per window for the SLthat's a tough question, I think it's right there on the borderline whether that's worth it or not. We live in South Florida so both hurricane protection and energy efficiency are important to us. Depending on the "defects", I think you will, contractually, need to give them the opportunity to remake the product and deliver it in specification. Our Eco Windows and Doors dealers can help you find the best products to improve your home and lifestyle. Dane - Site Editor - from 2021, I have similar cost estimates from two companies. Houzz Pro: One simple solution for contractors and design pros, Landscape Architects & Landscape Designers, Outdoor Lighting & Audio/Visual Specialists. The 'single' and 'double' refer to the number of sashes on the window that slide up and down. PGT is the nation's leading manufacturer and supplier of residential impact-resistant windows and doors. General CWS Pricing, -- Estimated CWS Aria Costs: $450 to $600 installed -- If those are equal, I would probably go with the PGT only because they are a bit bigger operation. Get a few bids, work the prices down, and then pick the window you want with the best options and cost. My understanding is that the Durashield is Soft-Lite's entry level impact window. I am replacing 8 windows Innovation is central to creating windows and doors that are smarter, stronger, and safer for our customers. I reside in North Florida and most of your recommendation are not applicable to me. Can be purchased as an option with PGT. Is this typical for all brandS? We've narrowed it down to PGT and CWS. Use a private browsing window to sign in. Will ask about the Simonton comps windows. Dyke Industries, Inc. Elevate Windows & Doors LLC. I like CWS and think it's the better window, but I'm not sure it's worth 30% more. Thank you Elizabeth! It sounds like they are responding so that's good, but yes you have to pay for the labor and that seems unfair given the timeline of the install. . What were the defects in this application. Any advantages/disadvantages between the two? Pamela - Homeowner - from 2017, Hi, in terms of impact windows, PGT and CWS both offer a nice selection and array. I asked about aluminum frames and was told you could only do aluminum in new construction.". I have also attached the warranty info on the Simonton Window from home depot which is a double hung and priced out at $8500 for 14 windows and the windows from FHA are single hung CWS windows and are priced out at just over $12,000. I googled "ews impact windows reviews" and very little came up. I actually think it's the CWS Aria a pretty decent vinyl window. The quotes are for six 73 x 52 windows (in three pairs across the front of our home). If you have any updated information Id be grateful for any input you might have. (assumes medium sized window and normal installation), I'm in NE Florida and have 20 windows of varying sizes, along with two sliding glass doors, both rather large. Are my windows too large fir casement gear mechanisms etc? Overall, both window frame types excel in safeguarding your family from harm. I would always go with a more known brand when in doubt because there is more data available to make your decision. Neil - Homeowner - from 2021, -- Estimated CWS Aria Price: $550 to $700 installed -- I was told by the Installer that Stormbreaker plus windows has a perimeter trim which covers more of the glass. Thank you so very much! FAS is coming out today. We offer impact windows and hurricane doors, along with non-impact options, with many benefits. If I think of anything else, I will be sure to follow up with an email. CWS Windows prices are in the mid range of other vinyl and aluminum windows. Once you have the bids collected, send them over and I'll throw in my two cents. If it were me, I would turn to the quality of the installers as the deciding factor. How does that sound? I am going with Simonton. 8100 Series | Lani Series I would definitely get a bid from both -- different reps/companies may have access to different models, get different pricing etc. I would say this, either go with the Simonton and find an experienced installer yourself or see if you can get that CWS bid down to $10K. Dane - Site Editor - from 2020, I have CWS windows. Alliance Window Systems. Yes, they have a lifetime warranty but we have to pay labor every time one is replaced. Also, see if you can find someone local who sells the Simonton Stormbreaker Plus Series. Jessica - Homeowner - from 2017, Jessica, I like the second bid a lot more -- PGT makes a good window and sliding door, as does CWS I might add. So even though the CWS Aria is their entry-level window, you thinks it's a decent product? $8800. I trust the contractor doing the installation. (assumes medium sized window and normal installation), I just got a bid on the CWS 8100 single hung window. I'd start with a local home improvement store, call them up and ask if they make custom sized screens. CWS quote: $9400 Storm Tight quoted us at $8825 for 3 slider windows, 1 small bathroom window and 1 double hung window. We did this past summer for 5 hurricane impact windows. Any advice would be highly appreciated! What are the best hurricane rated impact windows we can buy? I have looked over the companies and the models you have reviewed and recommended, but unfortunately for me all your recommendation are for those residing in the northeast. They will be removing all the old windows and installing all the new ones clean up delivery building permit, all included. PGT Windguard Vinyl Impact Resistant Windows, Eastern Architectural ERTHA Series Vinyl Windows & Doors. Andersen offers 35 different windows types with multiple operational styles, color options, wood frame types, shapes, and custom made windows that come with advanced security features. Thank you! The same bid from PGT was $21,345. I would put them both in the quite good category and I think they both offer a nice long term value for your money. Thank you in advance and I appreciate your advice and assistance. Amy - Homeowner - from 2022, Amy, I would say this is a coin flip for me, with a subtle push for the CWS Windpact option. Quote is $9,676. I only looked as far as some online reviews and saw nothing to like about them. Located in southwest Florida, PGT products are sold in the Eastern U.S., the Gulf Coast, the Caribbean, and other international markets. Custom Window Systems, Inc. 4. Thanks. I was going to contract with a local Diamond rated PGT Dealer (Weather Tite) and then Paradise Exteriors offered to drop their estimate for the Soft-Lits to almost the same amount. That is my issue. Looks like NewSouth is good enough for PGT - PGT acquires NewSouth in $92M cash deal. The price difference is approximately $593. I will say that both of these series are well regarded and either one should serve you well when coupled with professional installation from a quality and well reviewed install company. Get these 3 bids and see how they compare. that will offer this service at an affordable rate. He was not obnoxious or pushy. Send our site editor Dane your questions, and get personalized answers that can save you thousands of dollars on your project! Is the WindPact Plus overkill for the Orlando area? Thanks so much. Quote was for 15 slider windows with prairie grid. Tracy - Homeowner - from 2016, Tracy, PGT and CWS are mainly available on the coast, particularly in Florida. Since you are in Pennsylvania, I would suggest looking at Okna, Sunrise, Zen, Soft-Lite and perhaps Polaris. AmCraft came in around $16,500. Holland - Contractor - from 2012, Vinyl windows are getting more popular in Florida, but they aren't available in a lot of colors. When I had companies out to quote, I asked about aluminum frames and was told you could only do aluminum in new construction. Elizabeth Keough - Which company did you go with to install your windows? Back of Home Remodel: Patio and Window Design, Adding small windows to sides of fireplace. PGT pioneered the U. S. impact-resistant window and door industry, and today is the nation's leading manufacturer and supplier of residential impact-resistant windows and doors. PGT allows you to change the frame colour, configuration, grid style and glass tint of each pre-set design. Or is softlite more of a cold climate window? He says that CWS does not have this perimeter trim thus showing more glass. Anyone have long term experience with either company? Aria Series | 600 Series Founded in 1980, PGT Custom Windows + Doors is the nations leading manufacturer and supplier of residential impact-resistant windows and doors. breeding farm codes, can babies eat truffle oil,

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